Be cruel to me
cause I'm a fool for you.

Fucking teenage tragedy
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Roses ☥
My melancholy is the most faithful sweetheart I have had.
Ashes ✡

There's nothing left to lose

"Sometimes I’m laying on my bad and I can actually feel the sadness and pain taking over my body. I feel my lungs getting black, my heart becoming stone and my stomach turning into a hole. I feel the depression taking over every single cell of my body like cold water. I feel my head aching and my soul burning and then everything is so wrong. Every inch of my body burns and I can’t breath and I cry in silence because there’s nothing else to do. Utill I have no more tears to cry or pain to feel and I’m just laying there, completely numb. I’m empty and cold and it feels like falling into a hole that has no ending. Lonely and hopeless. Lost in complete darkness."
sometimes life is just too much


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